Solid & Todoist: Introducing our newest integration

As of today, we have a new addition to Solid’s integrations center: Todoist. A Todoist integration with Solid has been in such high demand, that we simply had to build one for you – our users! As we’ve already mentioned in our previous blog post, one of our main goals for Solid has been to develop the variety of its integrations. From this perspective, integrating Todoist with Solid has been a significant step, to ensure…

Tools to consider when bootstrapping a startup

Launching your own startup comes with many challenges. Especially when you choose not to take venture capital from the get-go. Bootstrapping your startup may require only $200 upfront costs, but it will require some flexibility on your part. Many of the powerful tools and services available to sustain your business come with a cost. And you’ll likely have to invest in them at some later stages to ensure growth. Spend money to earn money right?…

Working towards a collaborative environment

Meetings are not dead and they are not going anywhere. They present a crucial step in generating and applying ideas that drive businesses forward. As team Solid, we’re on a quest to do more than meeting management. With Solid, we tackle collaboration issues around meetings to empower teams. That’s why we adopted the idea “Great teams deserve great meetings” as our approach.

Top 5 Twitter #Quicktips

As team Solid, we’ve been sharing Solid #quicktips on our Twitter page for some time now. The end goal has been to remind you the essentials of Solid on a daily basis. Our initial departure point was our Knowledge Base (KB), which was created to address the popular questions. And we kept creating new tips on Twitter as we developed new features and evolved Solid. For this post, we’ve gathered up a list to share our top…

Discover Solid Use Cases for Your Workflow

Find out how you can use Solid for HR, project management and sales. Take a sneak peek at these three use cases we’ve created for you as business professionals. We hope that these will provide you a clearer insight on the added value of Solid. So take a step forward to better manage your workflow and get the best use out of Solid.

How We Use Intercom for Solid Support

Users are the engine that drives an application to success. That’s why we consider our users like partners. For all support processes, we believe in being fast and empathetic. For this reason, we trust Intercom to manage all our support processes and community operations. In this post we’ll explain how we use Intercom to engage with our users on a daily basis.

Looking Back at Solid’s Milestones

Ever since the launch of Solid Beta in September 2015, we’ve been on a constant roll developing new features. Without a doubt, the contribution of you -our Solid users- has been indispensable in our quest to improve productivity and efficiency in meetings. Today, we’re quite happy about Solid’s progress. We now have a diverse database of users from various companies such as Facebook, AirBnb, Hootsuite, Salesforce,…and so on. Therefore, we decided to give you brief look at what we’ve accomplished so…