Solid & Todoist: Introducing our newest integration

As of today, we have a new addition to Solid’s integrations center: Todoist. A Todoist integration with Solid has been in such high demand, that we simply had to build one for you – our users! As we’ve already mentioned in our previous blog post, one of our main goals for Solid has been to develop the variety of its integrations. From this perspective, integrating Todoist with Solid has been a significant step, to ensure Solid incorporates well into your existing workflow.

With the Todoist integration, you can now export your action items as tasks to your connected account. Here’s how:

1) Activate Todoist from your Integrations center.

activate todoist

2) Create rules for your action items.

After activating Todoist and integrating your account, create rules for your action items for an automatic export.

create rule

We hope you’ll find the Todoist integration useful. We’re always open to new integration ideas, so let us know what you think in the comments section below!