How it works

All meetings in one place

Put all your meetings and notes in the same place for you and your teammates to access.

Calendar synchronization

Every meeting created in your calendar is imported in Solid.

A view of your day

Get a clear view of what’s ahead and what’s been done.

Fast search

Find any meeting or note from previous meetings.

Made for productive meetings

Set your agendas and get everyone involved easily. Capture everything that is being discussed.


Send the meeting agenda beforehand to keep everyone informed.

Meeting templates

Reuse what works best. Save your templates and apply them to new meetings.

Organize your notes

Format your notes and highlight action items, decisions or open issues.

All your team on board

Ensure everybody is on the same page with shared meeting notes.

One meeting, one page

Every meeting participant sees the same thing.

One-click connect

It's quick and easy for everyone to join and contribute.

Share everywhere

Reach teammates and clients who aren't on Solid.

Connected to the tools you already use

Connect Solid to everything you need. Export your notes wherever you want for easy sharing either with participants or others.

Export anywhere

Share your meetings on Slack, Evernote, or anywhere else with Zapier.


Import documents from Google Drive or Dropbox in your meetings

Action items auto export

Integrations with task managers put your action items where they belong automatically.

Capture all meetings

Use Solid's flexible note-taking tools in any kind of meeting from HR interviews to client or project meetings.

Instant meetings

Don't let the important conversations and ideas hatching over coffee slip away

At the office and on the go

Solid's is available as a web-app, iOS app and MacOS app.

Great teams using Solid


What they say about it

  • Solid helps my team create and track tasks between weekly and bi-weekly meetings. One of the main reasons we use Solid is because it integrates into our workflow between email, calendar, and multiple devices easily without having to learn or configure.

    We’ve been using Solid for some time now. It solved a problem that we had – keeping track of action items from our project meetings with our clients. We love the way it ships tidy, organised notes as well as to-do’s to all the meeting attendees. Really looking forward to seeing the app grow from strength to strength!

    steve mathew
    Steve Mathew

    Managing Director at fireworkx

  • By using Solid for organising TED-like conferences I am able to quickly give an overview to my core-team of what is going to be discussed in meetings, incorporate their input clearly in the notes and assign them the to-do’s they created themselves. It helps taking responsibility and guiding the team in the right direction.

    tom van't westeinde
    Tom van ’t Westeinde

    Operational Director & Co-founder of TEDxEindhoven

    I work with executives and teams every day to help them move forward on projects where they need strategic clarity and action on change. Solid’s laser focused framework and cool icons make documenting what happens and what needs to happen dead simple so everyone leaves knowing our status and what needs to get done next.

    rick hanson
    Rick Hanson

    Founder of Vision Farm

  • We met Solid while looking for a solution to decrease the time we spent in meetings. It was a big pain for us and we were not quite sure how to be more effective with them. Solid helps us keep track ​of the time spent ​and manage ​all the to-do’s after​. ​It is a total time saver!

    Gülsen Geçim

    Customer Success Manager at Paraşüt

    Solid helped our agency to have more efficient meetings – my team and I love it! With agenda summaries and task lists, it highly improved our workflow. Thanks Solid <3

  • I love how easy it is for everyone to collaborate on, it’s like Google Docs for your meeting agendas.

    We use Solid to send out agendas for scheduled meetings in advance to our clients. We do this to ensure that we cover all the details that are important to both sides of the conversation.

  • We mostly use Solid to talk to our clients and send them a summary of our meetings. It’s specially useful for the decision-making of each meeting, it allows us to keep track of what is decided in each of them.

    John Peebles

    CEO of Brainshots

    Solid helps me keep track and manage my client meetings’ agendas. This way I’m sure everything gets addressed in time so we can move forward.